Waitress Resume Examples and Tips

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There are so many different styles of resumes out there. So how do you know which one example is best for you?

The best waitress resumes are easy to read.   The employer should be able to scan the resume for previous jobs, skills and education.  It is very important that you are able to market yourself quickly and effectively.  Take your time to make sure your waitress resume stands out.

Be prepared by knowing the waitress job description.  A chain restaurant might scan a resume to determine who can move quickly between tables and handle 15 guests at once.  A fine dining restaurant might be looking for a waitress who can create a unique experience for guests.

Pay attention to the restaurant’s atmosphere and be sure to highlight your skills and experience as a waitress on your resume.

What are hiring managers looking for in a waitress resume?

Typically managers scan a waiter or waitress resume for less than 30 seconds.  They are looking for previous experience, skills and education.  In addition to those 3 key items, employers will notice spelling and grammatical errors on your resume.

Before you submit your application and waitress resume check it for the following items:

  • Updated employment history.
  • Skills that are related to being a waitress.
  • Education, leadership or team building workshops.
  • Grammar and spelling accuracy on your resume is very important.

Waitress Resume Writing Tip…

Have a friend read through your waitress resume to see if they find any errors.

Waitress Resume Writing Tip…

Personalize your waitress resume by using the restaurant name in the objective.

Waitress Resume and Application Process

  1. Research restaurants that are hiring using sites such as LinkedIn.
  2. Pick up applications before writing your resume.
  3. Write your waitress resume and tailor to that restaurant.
  4. Turn resume and application in with manager (if available).
  5. Follow up with restaurant manager 4-7 days after turning in application and resume.
  6. Prepare for your interview.

After dropping off your waitress resume, the manager will often ask the other servers what their first impression of you was.  Treat each person you meet as if they are the one hiring you.

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Waitress Application Tip…

Fill out the waitress application at your home, or somewhere other than the restaurant.

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