5 Days to a Better Resume: Day 4 – Examples

Many waitress resumes I come across contain lists of the applicant’s strengths and skills.   Stating your strengths simply isn’t enough.  Hiring managers don’t need to see a list of skills or past job descriptions written down on a piece of paper, they want to see examples of these traits on your waitress resume.

If you were the lead waitress at another restaurant, give examples of how you acted as a team player or how you increased sales within a 2 month time frame. When you include examples of specific tasks you were asked to complete in previous positions, you give the hiring manager a reason to consider how you would fit into this particular restaurant. Almost all hiring managers operate under the assumption that the best way to judge whether or not a person will succeed in the near future for them, is to look back on what they’ve done in the past. Because you are aware of this ahead of time, you should be including as many specific descriptions of your past work as possible on your waitress resume.





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