5 Things Great Servers Do!

5 Things Great Servers Do!


No matter how mad, sad, crabby or annoyed you are, you need to smile when interacting with your guests!  When people go out to eat they don’t want to deal with a crabby waitress.  Don’t make your problems theirs. Guests want to enjoy their time together away from home and don’t want to be bogged down by your bad attitude.


Don’t wait for a guest to ask you for a refill or extra ketchup, instead notice that a guest is extremely thirsty, has already had 2 glasses of water and will need refills regularly.  Guests shouldn’t have to ask for their drink to be refilled, this is something that you should already have noticed when their glass was ½ empty. If a table of 4 orders an appetizer, bring out 4 small plates before their appetizer arrives.  This not only saves you time, but it shows the guests that you are ready and didn’t forget to put their appetizer order in.


Always know what is going on at your tables and others within the restaurant.  If couple at your table seems to be arguing or in deep conversation, simply refill their drinks, clear their plates and move on.  Do not interrupt.  Being observant also means knowing what is going on throughout the restaurant.  If a 20 top walks in, know that the kitchen is going to be backed up for a bit, that it might take longer for a drink to be made or that a couple probably won’t want to sit at the table next to them.  These are all things that a great server notices.


Be prepared before, during and after your shift. This includes everything from knowing the menu start to finish, having pens with you, change readily available and guest’s checks printed. The 30 seconds that it takes you to go ask the kitchen a question, get a pen or piece of paper adds up and really makes a difference in the service you are giving the guest.  (And of course your tip too!)  Remember to always prepare for a busy shift no matter what!!

Go Above and Beyond

Great servers do so much more than simply bring guests their food, drinks and bill.  They create unique and memorable experiences for their guests each and every time.  Great servers don’t treat all guests the same, instead they get to know the guests on a more personal level and tailor their services to their exact needs. It’s a lot easier to go to work and just “do your job” but remember that people notice and appreciate those that go above and beyond.

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