5 Days to a Better Resume: Day 5 – Aesthetics and Readability

Is your waitress resume easy to read?  How does it present to the reader?  These are questions that you need to ask yourself when creating your waitress resume.  The hiring manager doesn’t want to have to spend more than 2 minutes trying to find your past employment or education.  Remember that you want to provide the reader with short descriptive examples, not paragraphs upon paragraphs explaining every detail of your life.  You can use a cover letter to explain more about yourself and why you are seeking the position, but keep your waitress resume clean, concise and easy to read.

Does your waitress resume contain spelling or grammatical errors?  If it does, you will not be receiving an interview, plain and simple.  It would be a shame to go through all of the first 4 steps only to lose out on an interview because you did not take the time to proofread your resume. Be sure to take the time to look through your waitress resume for these errors, and consider having another person review it for you as well.

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