5 Days to a Better Resume: Day 3 – Strategize

Before every basketball game your coach talks about their strategy and how your team is going to try to win.  Your coach didn’t just come up with this strategy in 5 minutes, they did their homework on the other team’s strengths and weaknesses and then compared them to your own team’s weaknesses. Creating your waitress […]

5 Days to a Better Resume: Day 2 – Where To Look

After you have analyzed and written down things about yourself on your resume, it is time to find out more about the job you are applying for.  Try to find out as much information as possible regarding the actual restaurant and the job description via the restaurant’s website if they have one, or by making […]

5 Days to a Better Resume: Day 1 – It’s All About You

Who knows more about your amazing skills and talents than you?  The only way to qualify for a restaurant interview is by effectively marketing yourself to the hiring manager with your waitress resume.   Your resume needs to represent you in all of your glory, so take the time to analyze yourself. ·         What are some of […]

6 Tips to Stand Out While Applying For a Waitressing Job

1)     When showing up to a restaurant and asking for a waitress application, make sure you don’t have any other restaurant applications in your hand. If you have other restaurant applications in your hand, it makes it look like you are applying to be a waitress at any restaurant that will hire you.  Instead, it’s […]

Waitress Job Hunt – Where Do You Start?

Here are some tips on where to look for waitress jobs online. I have not only used these websites myself when looking for new employment, but have also used them as a restaurant hiring manager when posting available waitress jobs. The first site that I recommend to look at is that of the restaurant itself. […]

Waitress Resume – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should I include a cover letter when turning in my waitress resume? Answer: Yes. Always include as much information as possible when you turn in your waitress resume.  A cover letter will help the establishment to learn more about you.   Question: Can I still get hired as a waitress even if I haven’t […]