Choosing to Waitress as a Career

Choosing to Waitress as a Career


Over the course of the my 15 years in the food service industry, I have personally seen more people leave their esteemed positions to work less hours, make more money and have more fun waitressing.  Think about it.  An average shift for a waitress consists of 4-5 hours and depending upon the restaurant, their skills and personality, they can be making anywhere from $10 to over $100 per hour just in tips.  Yes, there are other employment opportunities available where people can make this type of money, but rarely are they able to make this amount of money in such few hours and offer this amount of flexibility.

Really, people are leaving their 9-5 office jobs just to become waitresses? Yes! I can personally attest to this.  I graduated college with a business degree, went on to graduate school to earn my M.B.A. and started working in education.  On the weekends I worked at a local fine dining restaurant for extra cash.  After working there for a little less than a year part-time, I started really noticing the amount of money and hours that waitresses were making.  I had never really thought about making a career out of waitressing and always considered it to be more of a side job.  But after really thinking about it, I decided to trade-in my current position in education, for a position in the foodservice industry.  I realized that I would be able to make more money, work less hours and have more freedom to do other things that I enjoyed if I were to become a waitress.

I don’t want to give you the wrong idea and tell you that you should quit your job and become a waitress because you will make millions without having to work hard.  I do however, want to enlighten you on the very fact that many waitresses will make more money than the average office worker without having to work as many hours. Being a waitress isn’t for everyone.  The job requires a great deal of patience, energy, adaptability, teamwork and more, but if your skills and personality are matched with the right restaurant it can be a very rewarding career.

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