Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Personable Waitress

One of the best things about being a waiter or waitress, is that the position allows for you to interact and have fun with guests. If you are able to create a connection with your guests, the more likely they are to enjoy their experience and return to the restaurant. (Of course they will hopefully tip you more too!) The key to a great connection is making the guest feel welcomed without creating an uncomfortable situation. Here is a list of some of the Do’s and Don’ts of being a personable server.


  • Greet guests by their name. “Good evening Mr. Anderson.”
  • Complement a guest on their outfit, shoes, purse, etc.
  • Be aware of social cues and responses. If the guest is responding back with one word answers it typically means that they do not want to engage in further conversation.
  • Make suggestions based upon their previous likes and dislikes. “If you enjoyed the Halibut, you might be interested in the Scallops that we just added to the menu.”
  • Notice if the guests are conducting a business meeting or are out for enjoyment, as this may change their demeanor and expectations throughout their dining experience.



  •  Assume that just because two people are enjoying a meal together that they are a couple. Remember to always ask if they would like their bill together or separate.
  • Interject in the guest’s conversation, no matter what! If they want your opinion they will ask you, otherwise keep it to yourself.
  • Bring up or talk about who the person was with the last time they were dining at the restaurant. (Their private life is none of your business.)
  • Over-share. If a guest asks you something about your personal life, keep your answer short without being rude. Just because a guest is being friendly doesn’t mean that they are your friend and want/need to know your entire life’s story.
  • Touch a guest. Even if a guest has something on their clothes.  The best thing to do is politely inform the guest and if needed, ask them if they would like your assistance.

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