Drinking After Your Shift

Drinking After Your Shift


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It’s 11:00 PM; you’ve just finished your serving shift and want to unwind for a bit before you head home.  Instead of going to another restaurant you decide to stay for a cocktail at your restaurant’s bar.  Seems innocent enough, but before you belly up, make sure you read these tips about drinking at the restaurant you work at.


Policies and Procedures

Make sure you have read through your restaurant’s manual pertaining to employees eating and drinking at the establishment.  Many restaurant owners will have specific rules as to the amount of alcohol consumed, times of day, etc. If your restaurant does not have a formal policy, talk to the owner or manager to find out what is deemed appropriate.  Don’t assume that it is perfectly fine for you to sit at the bar after your shift just because you were able to do that at your last job.  Each restaurant is different and has their own set of policies regarding employees drinking at their establishment, even when they are off the clock.



Always change out of your uniform. Do not sit at the bar with your restaurant shirt and uniform on as it will lead guests to believe that you may still be on the clock.  Remember that not only are you representing yourself, but the restaurant as well. Many restaurants have designated areas where employees can keep their belongings and this is a perfect place to keep an extra shirt and pants to change into.



Don’t sit at your restaurant’s bar on Friday night when the bartender is being overwhelmed with guests and expect that you are going to be their first priority.  Yes, you are a paying customer but it is not the same.  The other customers specifically chose to come to your restaurant because they were expecting great service, food and drinks.  It’s not that you aren’t important, but other customer’s needs come first in this situation.

If it’s a busy night and all the employees are scrambling around you might start to feel like you should be helping out, but that’s really never a good idea if you have consumed any alcohol, especially in front of other customers!


Just remember, keeping your work and play separate has far less consequences.

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