How to Properly Present Check to Guests

How to Properly Present Check to Guests

DSC_2478We have all been to restaurants where the waiter or waitress has just plopped the check on the table and walked away.  Well, this is not what you, a great server, should do! The following is a guide on how to properly present the check to guests.

After you have printed the guest’s check, place it in the check presenter book.  (If this applies to your restaurant.)  Remember to have a pen with you as you present the check as they may ask for one.   Place the check presenter on the clean/already bussed table, inform the guests as to whom they should pay (typically paying you directly) and let them know that there is no need for them rush as they are more than welcome to sit and chat.

Once you see that the guest has placed a credit card into the presenter, simply walk over to the table and let them know that you will run their card through the processor and then quickly return.  If the guest has cash in the presenter, let them know that you will be right back with their change.  Do NOT ask them if they need change.  If the guest doesn’t need any change, they will have the opportunity to let you know when you tell them that you will be back with their change. It is tacky and rude to ask them if they need change.  When in doubt, always bring back the change–do not assume that it is a tip!

When you return with guest’s credit card slip make sure you have a working pen with you.  If you are returning the guest their change, make sure that it is secure in the check presenter and won’t fly out when they open it.

The final, and most important thing to do is THANK the guests for dining at your establishment and let them know that you hope to see them again.


Tip: Do not open a paid check at the table or on the serving floor.

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