Waitress Interview Clothes Recommendations – What To Wear to a Restaurant Interview

No matter the type of restaurant in which you are dropping off your waitress resume, dressing appropriately for the interview is a must!  You can get an idea of what to wear by taking a look at the staff attire when you pick up your application. Many times they will have a uniform on, but this will help you when you are trying to determine what you should wear. (i.e. if all staff members are wearing black shirts and pants with ties then you should probably wear a suit.)  If you are unsure of what to wear in an interview, err on the side of being overdressed.  This will enhance your confidence and keep you from feeling underdressed.

Waitress Interview Clothes

The best recommendation for women is to wear dress pants with a nice blouse and closed toe shoes.  You will want to make sure that you wear stockings with your shoes as well. Try to keep your makeup to a minimum with a neutral colored eye shadow and lipstick. Wear your hair up or down, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

Waiter Interview Clothes

Dress pants with a collared dress shirt and tie are a necessity! Depending upon the elegance of the restaurant, you may find that it is more appropriate for you to wear a suit or sport coat.  Go easy on the cologne as this is something that can’t be ignored in excess.


Once you have a job offer as a server, prepare for your job by getting approved waitress shoes and pants.