Waitress Interview Questions

waitress interviewEach restaurant will ask the waitress different and specific interview questions that pertain to their establishment, but there are also several generic questions that are likely to be asked.  The more prepared you are for these waitress interview questions, the more likely you will earn the job.

Waitress Interview Tip 1
Take multiple copies of your waitress resume with you in case there are multiple people interviewing you.

Waitress Interview Tip 2
Make sure that your waitress resume skills and qualifications will complement your interview.

You can expect to be asked a variation of these waitress interview questions: 

Waitress Interview Question 1

Why do you want to work here?

Be honest, but appropriate. Do you dine at the restaurant frequently and always enjoy the food, ambiance and service?  Have you had friends and family that have enjoyed working there in the past?  Do you love their desserts? Think about what made you go in and pick up an application at that particular restaurant rather than another.

Waitress Interview Question 2

How would you handle a guest that was upset with their meal?

This is a great time to showcase your problem solving skills.  Talk about how you would first want to make sure that you understood what the customers needed and ensure them that you were going to try to make things better.  Try to bring up examples from your current or past employment that are relevant and that help showcase your customer service and problem solving skills.


Waitress Interview Question 3

What is your greatest weakness and why?

This is a question that is almost sure to be asked!  Think about something that you would like to improve upon, but something that is not detrimental to you getting the job. This is actually a great time to showcase your talents. Talk about past work experiences where you have had trouble and how you have learned and grown from them.

A great example would be talking about how you have had trouble disseminating work amongst your peers in the past, but have now learned how important trust and teamwork are in the workplace.  Make sure that you are able to recall a specific example of this in order to show the interviewer that you aren’t simply making up an answer that you think they would want to hear.

Waitress Interview Question 4 

What is your greatest strength and why?

What are you good at and how does that make you a great match for this job?  Multitasking is something that you will have to be able to do in order to be a waitress and is something that can be easily tied into multiple situations.  Think of a time where you have had to multitask in the past and how you were able to successfully accomplish all tasks. This question will allow for you to talk about how past experiences will help you succeed in this job.  Other possible examples include:

  • Great customer service
  • Excellent listener
  • Reliable
  • Incredible communication skills
  • Team player
  • Dependable


Waitress Interview Question 5

Why did you leave your last job, or why are you looking to leave your current job?

Never say anything negative about your past or current waitress positions.  You can talk about how you are looking to expand your knowledge and experience and that this job would allow for that.  If you were working at more of a chain restaurant and interviewing at an independently owned restaurant you could talk about the uniqueness and how you would rather be working for an individual instead of a corporation, etc.

Waitress Interview Question 6

How would you handle the following situation between the FOH and the BOH:

A guest asks for the tomatoes and onions to be left off of their salad.  When your food is ready and you go to get it from the kitchen you notice that there are tomatoes and onions on the salad.

This is a behavioral question that is being asked because the interviewer wants to know how you would react when faced with a difficult situation.  Ensure the interviewer that you would first make sure that you had the correct salad and that it was indeed for your table.  Often times the kitchen staff is preparing multiple meals at the same time and there might be another salad that they are making with your guest’s special requests.  Then proceed to talk about how you would calmly talk with the kitchen staff to get the salad made quickly and on the fly.  After the dinner rush is over, talk about how that would then be an appropriate time to talk the BOH kitchen staff about what happened and how this type of situation can be avoided next time.


There are bound to be questions specifically relating to being a waiter or waitress. If you do not have any prior experience or are unsure, be honest.  The last thing that you will want to do is tell the employer that you know how to do something when in all actuality you do not.

For example: If the person that is interviewing you asks you what the proper way to serve a bottle of wine is and you don’t know, be honest.  Tell them that you do not know the proper way to serve a bottle of wine, but that you are fast learner and would enjoy learning more about fine-dining service.